Fine ART Full Moon paintings by Rolly Mouchaty
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Rolly Mouchaty​​
        is my name, Rollymoon my artistic name, t he Moon is my passion and painting the Moon is my devotion.
I was born and raised in one of Latin American most beautiful countries,

Venezuela! With the start of the new millennium I moved to the United States of America. Since 2000 I have my home in South Florida, in the beautiful city of Boca Raton.
I am an artist by heart, a painter with a great passion for oil colors on canvas and on any surface. God gives us all a gift, he blessed me with the Love for painting; specially one passion "the moon". Painting to me is like music but most, it's a language which creates feelings in us. Feelings we all understand, no matter who we are or where we come from. With this kind of language we create connections with the whole universe. Painting is my language, my communication through my strokes with the universe, and that my friends, gives me great satisfaction. Through my paintings I am able to communicate my deepest feelings and emotions, my weakness, fear, passion, strength and believes...and that brings joy not only to my art lovers but to everyone <3.

I see the MOON in all kind of shapes and it s so very beautiful to me.. and to not have to wait an entire month to see it again, its what encouraged me to paint it everywhere I could, to capture the Moon and witness it in its full glory is one of the greatest joys, but to painted its even a greater joy. To reproduce this incredibly gorgeous beauty in oil on a canvas is almost impossible, but I will die trying. When I paint the moon, I pour all my energy in it, all my heart is reflected on each piece. All my feelings and emotions are expressed through my art. Art became one of my best friends and best tools to release myself through it. I hope your moment glancing at my moons will let you travel through your deepest feelings and back! Always love to the Moon and back my friends!

Very early in my life the moon had it's initial and very remarkable impact on me. I was only nine years old and spent time in my parent's home country Syria. On a warm summer evening I was playing outdoors and enjoying my childhood in a peaceful and very beautiful valley called AL SABIL. There, for the first time, I witnessed the most beautiful image of the moon which was burned right then and there into my heart and mind. She was in her full shape and so beautiful, it took my breath away and I couldn't stop staring at her. Seeing this mesmerizing moon, how it was rising from the horizon of the valley behind the hills, suddenly invading the entire sky, turning it into a spectacular and amazing colorful landscape with all kind of red, orange and yellow tones, was the first artwork I've seen. Majestic art Mother Nature provided for me in AL SABIL, a true masterpiece which remains in my heart and mind since then.

When I started to let my creativity flow in life it was clear to me that I wanted to bring this image from deep down in my heart on canvas and each single piece of art brings me so much joy. What can I say other than the moon just has to be on my canvases, on each single one. It's impossible for me to fill a canvas with oil color and not have a moon in it. Over the years I understood that the moon made me this intuitive artist I am today. It made me follow my heart and let free my emotions. It made me express my feelings through an endless diversity of colors and silhouettes., exitited me enough to learn and spread the universal language,  the most beautiful language I call ART.

                                  I love the moon to the moon and back..

                                                                Rolly Mouchaty

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Dedication ​to my visitors!

Join me and let the mystical moon captivate your attention. Let her enchant your eyes, your smile, your heart and soul. I welcome you to free your emotions while browsing around and taste the way I look at the moon. Embrace the power of the moon, let it take you to a very special places, and let them remain within your heart and mind forever.
Dedication ​to the MOON!

 When I look at you, a powerful energy embraces my soul stroking a smile on my face and turning my eyes into glowing stars! You are beautiful in all your faces - sweet, passionate, powerful, sinister at times and so calm and serene at others truly amazing!