Fine ART Full Moon paintings by Rolly Mouchaty

Tropical Moon - Another full moon painting is finished

Rolly Mouchaty

Thursday, April 28, 2016
    14 May, 2016
    ​Only you moon - Inspired by You
    My new piece, the Only You Moon, was inspired by my passion and by someone who trusted my artistic skills and believed that being passionate with art would be a great plus to create great artwork. This, my newest oil painting on canvas (30 x 40) reminds me of these emotions I had several years ago when I was driven to prove to myself that I would have it in me and if I would just let it happen fearlessly, I would be able to create the beauty originating in my heart, mind and imagination. I
    16 Apr, 2016
    Let it be - Nude Moon
    My new painting, NUDE MOON (20 x 24 inch), is done! - It is only when you enter the stage of non resistance within and around you when peace comes to you with no struggle and effort on your part. You may not be happy but you will be at peace. Let it be!
    06 Apr, 2016
    Check out the Pink Moon
    ​I can't wait to see the PINK MOON this year again. On April 22nd the moon will appear to us in a very pink color, the reason why we call it the PINK MOON. A cool spectacle is almost guaranteed. So mark the date and don't forget to get out and check it out!
    06 Apr, 2016
    Just finished the Sinister Moon
    I'm happy to announce that my latest project - SINISTER MOON (36 x 24 inch) - is done and off the easel. The painting shows a very vibrant full moon, lighting up a dying tree. Why did I name it Sinister Moon? As we all know the moon has multiple faces and on many occasions looks mysterious and creepy. This moon is inspired by a story of left handed people, a book written by C. R. Manske who proposed to me to paint a sinister moon that justifies her story.